Search Engine Optimization – What Does It Do and How Does it Help Me?

SEO concept

Google’s own definition of Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your website rank highly on the search engines. It is the most expensive and time consuming aspect of SEO and, unless you are doing it on a pro, it is not an effective way to boost your online presence.

Let’s say you are a real estate agent and have to sell a property. You find the buyer, sell the house and now you have to find someone who wants to rent the property to make money on it. Google’s own definition of Search Engine Optimization would suggest you to optimize your website so that when a person searches for a property in your area, the results are given to them.

Search engines give users only a very limited control over what they are showing. So you are left with either optimizing the site yourself or choosing a third party who can do it for you.

The Benefits of SEO

There are a lot of benefits to search engine optimization but it is one thing to read about it in your marketing books and another thing to put your money into it. Why would someone want to pay you for something they are not really getting?

The easiest method to gain more traffic to your website is to use social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Social networking sites are a free way to advertise and there are thousands of people using these sites every day. Social networking sites are also known as PR sites and they work best in tandem with Search Engine Optimization.

Before you invest your time and money into Search Engine Optimization, you need to ensure that your site has an optimized page. This means that it has all the necessary tags and keywords so that when the user types in a particular word and fills in the URL box, the search engine will give it to you. For example, the words ‘knock’, ‘knock knock ‘and ‘please’ would all get you the right results.

You also need to understand link popularity. Link popularity refers to the number of links pointing to your site that are within the top 20 of all the other links.

Creating Backlinks

The higher the backlinks are the better. You can obtain high quality backlinks by taking advantage of the content of a website which is normally rich in useful information that the search engine spiders use to identify websites worthy of their attention.

  • If you don’t have a website then a good idea would be to create a blog with a content rich page.
  • A blog allows you to add links back to your website
  • and in turn will allow you to gain even more backlinks to your website

and thus increase your website’s link popularity.

In addition to link popularity, you also need to ensure that your site has a well built backlink profile. This means that you have to write articles that provide great content and pass relevant search engine spider spidering tests.

It is important to understand that Search Engine Optimization isn’t free and, in order to gain backlinks you will have to pay for it. Google, Yahoo and Bing all need to see good content in order to classify your site and place you at the top of the search results. So why not allow Expert SEO Consultants do this for you so you can focus on your business.

It can be quite costly but in the long run Search Engine Optimization is very effective and the results you get will speak for themselves. If you spend a little time and research you can see the difference in a few months.