How to Know If Your Website is Classified by the Google Algorithm


The Google algorithm is simply a new way to classify websites. A majority of the people believe that there is no difference in the core search engine. But this does not solve the problem of ranking well on the major search engines. How do you know if your website is classified by the Google algorithm?

Sometimes, the search engine will remove a website from its results because it finds a flaw in its construction.

The algorithm is designed to notice the inconsistencies between your website and the websites on the same domain. The algorithm will fix this issue.

To increase its chances of being classified by the algorithm, a website needs to use the same content for different pages. To avoid penalty by the algorithm, the content should be different. Of course, the keywords should be different.

It is necessary for the website owner to keep a look out on their website and create a template for every page. This way, the search engine can easily identify the main keyword.

The best way to increase the chances of being ranked well by the algorithm is to have a website containing images. Images are easy to understand as compared to text. You can use a good image editor to edit the image.

It is also important to give more information about the product or service on the website. If the information given by the author about the product is less than the contents of the website, the search engine may penalize your website. You should write down all the advantages and disadvantages of the product before selling it.

Before writing down the details of the product, you should take a look at the big number of similar products in the market.

You can see which products have bigger demand than the other products. This will help you find the target audience easily.

A website that has a lot of content should not put the extra words or phrases directly into the text. The algorithm will notice these extra words and ignore the rest of the text. If you want to increase the chances of your website being classified by the algorithm, put the important keywords at the beginning and end of the text.

To be able to provide information and inform people about the product, the website should be placed on the main search engine. It will be visible to millions of people, but they won’t get the opportunity to purchase the product. They can only see the information by looking through the search engine results.

If the website has a lot of images, the keywords should also be placed in the images. For example, the search engine will place the keywords “accent light bulbs” on an image of a light bulb instead of the image of a light bulb.

The website should also have a consistent web structure and formatting. The algorithm will rank a website with uniformity of structure and formatting.

  • In order to avoid a penalty by the Google algorithm, you should always update your website regularly.
  • You should test the different variations of the main keywords on your website.
  • If there is a bug in the ranking algorithm, you can change the whole algorithm and replace it with the new one.