How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Managed Wifi

Managed WiFi

Managed WiFi is usually a business solution that enables an enterprise to outsource all the work involved in configuring, securing, maintaining, installing, keeping and monitoring a WiFi network to a third-party service provider. Such a service allows enterprises to save on time as well as money and has a number of advantages. The managed type of WiFi provides complete control over the entire process including choosing the frequency, optimal power settings, MAC address and any other options related to the WiFi network. This also helps in managing and monitoring networks in case of malfunction or power interruptions. It helps in avoiding costly maintenance procedures which otherwise may prove too complicated and time-consuming.

The managed wifi service has several advantages over unmanaged wifi.

The managed version ensures that all hardware and software are compatible and that interference is reduced to almost zero. One also gets excellent quality throughout the range of frequencies and the managed version offers a consistent and secure connection. This is because most of the technical aspects of the managed wireless plan are taken care of by the provider and it ensures superior and consistent wifi network performance with the least amount of effort and waste of resources.

One of the biggest advantages of managed wifi is that it offers fast, reliable, and secure internet access. It works great for multiple computers linked to one single WiFi router. Also, this type of service is preferred by most companies as they get a fast connection with a guarantee of no traffic interruption. This assures faster and better utilization of resources and improves productivity and profit.

There are two major types of managed wifi service available

Short-term and long-term subscriptions. In the short-term plan, the user or the business can opt for a set number of access points as well as establish a schedule for increasing them over a period of time. It also gives the choice between a desktop connection and cellular service. This plan is more cost-effective and can be implemented for a trial basis. The long-term plan gives users the freedom from frequent subscriptions while also deciding on their own access points, schedules, and networks.

With managed wifi providers like iot transport and mobile device makers like Nokia, HTC, and Samsung adopting mobile internet, the demand for better networking protocols has increased. A number of managed wireless networks are coming up with advanced features like video cameras, access control, and GPS to name a few. Now with the help of internet monitoring features, users can be assured about the presence of these advanced devices even if they move from one location to another. Businesses have a definite advantage as they can monitor the movement of their employees across different locations. They can also keep tabs on the usage of their IT manpower by setting up alerts in case too many people log into the network at once or if certain usage limits are abused.

With the introduction of tablets in the market, it is possible for business organizations to have a virtual workspace regardless of the location. With the help of a Wifi enabled tablet, employees can have access to their workspace irrespective of the physical barriers. This gives them the freedom to interact with their clients, customers, and colleagues wherever they are in the world. Similarly, if you want to set up a managed access point in your company’s premises or want to improve on the connectivity in your office premises, all you need to do is contact an IT services provider who would help you set up a Wifi enabled tablet in conjunction with a managed wifi system.

Businesses can also benefit from managed wifi services provided by many third party vendors. Most of these companies offer a wide range of equipment and accessories for all types of clients. They help you in providing solutions which suit your budget and help you achieve real-time data reporting. Some companies also provide their customers with data reporting software and security systems so that you can monitor the usage of your Wifi network. This helps you in making the necessary changes as soon as necessary to avoid any inconveniences.

  • The term managed wifi is a short term that refers to equipment and accessories that allow you to connect to a Wifi network without having to purchase new devices.
  • It enables you to reduce your cost related to capital expenditure, network maintenance expenses and avoiding the purchase of new devices.
  • These devices come in different forms and capacities and are specifically designed for specific uses.
  • Therefore, it is best that you choose only devices that are suited for your organization’s needs.